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Dkfon.com Trading Platform is where you’ll find wholesale distributors cellular inventory,tablets,parts,accessories : what they sell and at what cost they are selling their Inventory .

All distributors,wholesalers,members have been verified by Dkfon.com platform . These wholesalers, distributors are actual working companies that are in good standing in the wireless industry.

If you wish to communicate with these wholesalers,distributors, you may do so by commenting on a specific cell phone product page or their page. Their contact information is attached to each product page or you can order direct from our company and we ship phones to you if you pay to our company with this way we will stop any unwanted outcome of transactions.

If you want to buy phones from our company please email me direct :sales@dkfon.com.

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Lewes, DE 19958,DELAWARE,USA

E-mail: sales@dkfon.com