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Privacy Policy Our privacy practices are set forth in our Privacy Policy. By use of the Quora Platform, you agree to accept our Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you are a registered user. Acceptable Use Policy. In your interaction with others on the Dkfon Platform, you agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy at all times. Termination. You may close your account at any time by going to account settings and disabling your account. We may terminate or suspend your Dkfon account if you violate any Dkfon policy or for any other reason. Changes to the Dkfon Platform. We are always trying to improve your experience on the Dkfon Platform. We may need to add or change features and may do so without notice to you. Feedback. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about how to improve the Dkfon Platform. Feel free to submit feedback at By submitting feedback, you agree to grant us the right, at our discretion, to use, disclose and otherwise exploit the feedback, in whole or part, freely and without compensation to you. Your Content Definition of Your Content. The Dkfon Platform enables you to add posts, texts, photos, videos, links, and other files and information about yourself to share with others. All material that you upload, publish or display to others via the Dkfon Platform will be referred to collectively as “Your Content.” You acknowledge and agree that, as part of using the Dkfon Platform, Your Content may be viewed by the general public. Ownership. You, or your licensors, as applicable, retain ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property in Your Content, subject to the non-exclusive rights granted below. License and Permission to Use Your Content. By submitting, posting, or displaying Your Content on the Dkfon Platform, you grant Dkfon and its affiliated companies a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty free, fully paid up, transferable, sublicensable (through multiple tiers), license to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, publish, transmit, store, display and distribute, translate, communicate and make available to the public, and otherwise use Your Content in connection with the operation or use of the Dkfon Platform or the promotion, advertising or marketing of the Dkfon Platform or our business partners, in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed), including via means of automated distribution, such as through an application programming interface (also known as an “API”). You agree that this license includes the right for Dkfon to make Your Content available to other companies, organizations, business partners, or individuals who collaborate with Quora for the syndication, broadcast, communication and making available to the public, distribution or publication of Your Content on the Dkfon Platform or through other media or distribution methods. This license also includes the right for other users of the Dkfon Platform to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, publish, transmit, display, and distribute, translate, communicate and make available to the public Your Content, subject to our Terms of Service. Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Service, this license will not confer the right for you to use automated technology to copy or post questions and answers or to aggregate questions and answers for the purpose of making derivative works. If you do not wish to allow your answers to be translated by other users, you can globally opt out of translation in your profile settings or you can designate certain answers not for translation. Once you post an answer to a question, you may edit or delete your answer at any time from public display on, except in the case of anonymously posted answers. However, we may not be able to control removal of the answer from display on syndicated channels or other previously distributed methods outside of Dkfon may remove suspected spam from your answers. Once you post a question, it may be edited or deleted by other users or by Dkfon at any time. Any edits and changes made by you may be visible to other users. The right for Dkfon to copy, display, transmit, publish, perform, distribute, store, modify, and otherwise use any question you post, and sublicense those rights to others, is perpetual and irrevocable, to the maximum extent permitted by law, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that Quora may preserve Your Content and may also disclose Your Content and related information if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with legal process, applicable laws or government requests; (b) enforce these Terms of Service; (c) respond to claims that any of Your Content violates the rights of third parties; (d) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues; or (e) protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Dkfon, its users, or the public. You understand that we may modify, adapt, or create derivative works from Your Content in order to transmit, display or distribute it over computer networks, devices, service providers, and in various media. We also may remove or refuse to publish Your Content, in whole or part, at any time. You further give us the permission and authority to act as your nonexclusive agent to take enforcement action against any unauthorized use by third parties of any of Your Content outside of the Quora Platform or in violation of our Terms of Service. Your Responsibilities for Your Content. By posting Your Content on the Quora Platform, you represent and warrant to us that: i) you have the ownership rights, or you have obtained all necessary licenses or permissions to use Your Content and grant us the rights to use Your Content as provided for under this Agreement, and ii) that posting Your Content violates no intellectual property or personal right of others or any applicable law or regulation, including any laws or regulations requiring disclosure that you have been compensated for Your Content. You accept full responsibility for avoiding infringement of the intellectual property or personal rights of others or violation of laws and regulations in connection with Your Content. You are responsible for ensuring that Your Content does not violate Dkfon’s Acceptable Use Policy, Copyright Policy, Trademark Policy, other published Dkfon policy, or any applicable law or regulation. You agree to pay all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed to any person by reason of Your Content. Our Content and Materials Definition of Our Content and Materials. All intellectual property in or related to the Dkfon Platform (specifically including, but not limited to our software, the Dkfon marks, the Dkfon logo, but excluding Your Content) is the property of Dkfon. or its subsidiaries and affiliates, or content posted by other Dkfon users licensed to us (collectively “Our Content and Materials”). Data. All data Dkfon collects (“Data”) about use of the Dkfon Platform by you or others is the property of Dkfon, its subsidiaries, and affiliates. For clarity, Data does not include Your Content and is separate from Our Content and Materials. Our License to You. We grant you a personal, limited, non-exclusive license to use and access Our Content and Materials and Data as made available to you on the Dkfon Platform in connection with your use of the Quora Platform, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Dkfon gives you a worldwide, royalty-free, revocable, personal, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to re-post Our Content and Materials anywhere on the web, subject to these Terms and Conditions and provided that: (a) the content in question was added to the Dkfon Platform after April 22, 2010; (b) the user who created the content has not explicitly marked the content as not for reproduction on the Dkfon Platform; (c) you do not modify the content; (d) you attribute Dkfon by name in readable text and with a human and machine-followable link (an HTML anchor tag) linking back to the page displaying the original source of the content on on every page that contains Our Content and Materials; (e) upon request, either by Dkfon or a user, you remove the user's name from content which the user has subsequently made anonymous; (f) upon request, either by Dkfon or by a user who contributed to the content, you make a reasonable effort to update a particular piece of content to the latest version on the Dkfon Platform; and (g) upon request, either by Dkfon or by a user who contributed to the content, you make a reasonable attempt to delete content that has been deleted or marked as not for reproduction on the Dkfon Platform; (h) you don’t republish more than a small portion of Our Content and Materials; (i) you do not use any automated tools to aggregate or create derivative works. In exercising these rights, you may not implicitly or explicitly assert any connection with, sponsorship or endorsement by Dkfon, or any Dkfon user, without separate, express prior written permission from us. We may terminate our license to you at any time for any reason. We have the right but not the obligation to refuse to distribute any content on the Dkfon Platform or to remove content. Except for the rights and license granted in these Terms of Service, we reserve all other rights and grant no other rights or licenses, implied or otherwise. Permitted uses. If you operate a search engine, web crawler, bot, scraping tool, data mining tool, bulk downloading tool, wget utility, or similar data gathering or extraction tool, you may access the Dkfon Platform, subject to the following additional rules: i) you must use a descriptive user agent header; ii) you must follow robots.txt at all times; iii) your access must not adversely affect any aspect of the Dkfon Platform’s functioning; and iv) you must make it clear how to contact you, either in your user agent string, or on your website if you have one. You represent and warrant that you will not use any automated tools such as artificial intelligence or machine learning i) to create derivative works of Our Content and Materials; ii) to create any service competitive to the Quora Platform; or iii) for other commercial purposes except as expressly permitted by these Terms of Service or the written consent of Dkfon. No Endorsement or Verification. Please note that the Dkfon Platform contains access to third-party content, products and services, and it offers interactions with third parties. Participation or availability on the Dkfon Platform does not amount to endorsement or verification by us. We make no warranties or representations about the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any content posted on the Dkfon Platform by anyone. Ownership. You acknowledge and agree that Our Content and Materials remain the property of Dkfon's users or Dkfon. The content, information and services made available on the Dkfon Platform are protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark, and other laws, and you acknowledge that these rights are valid and enforceable. Integrated Service Provider. You may enable another online service provider, such as a social networking service (“Integrated Service Provider”), to be directly integrated into your account on the Dkfon Platform. By enabling an integrated service, you are allowing us to pass to, and receive from, the Integrated Service Provider your log-in information and other user data. For more information about Dkfon’s use, storage, and disclosure of information related to you and your use of integrated services within Dkfon, please see our Privacy Policy. Note that your use of any Integrated Service Provider and its own handling of your data and information is governed solely by their terms of use, privacy policies, and other policies. More About Certain Offerings on the Dkfon Platform Digests. When you sign up for the Dkfon Platform, the service includes receipt of digests of content that may be of interest to you. You can opt out of receipt of the digests, and adjust other communication settings, by going to “Email and Notification” settings in your account profile, as further described in our Privacy Policy.

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